Female Pheromones

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This own body aroma is “invisible” to the human nose, but is detected by the sub consciousness. Pheromones are not visible to the naked eye. They are natural erotic aroma´s which have a psychological arousing effect. Through body scent we subconsciously, receive a special feeling about that man or woman. Thanks to Cobeco Pheromones tempting scents you stimulate desire in a natural way specific to humans. Men have a musky odor, while women spread a more sweet and delicate scent.

Ensures a charismatic aura, Stimulates natural desire, Enhances sensuality, Female pheromones, Wonderful scent

Brand: Cobeco Pharma


Application: Retail packaging (cardboard)

Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service

Suitable for: Unisex

Warranty: Yes

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