Fondle Game

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Bring any party with friends to a literal climax with this hilarious erotic game! The Fondle Game is a fun 18+ game that’s perfect for everyone that likes a sexy challenge. The game can be played with up to 4 players. How does it work?

Put the game mat on a hard surface (like the floor). Pick someone to spin the wheel and read out the assignments. Everyone stands on the colored footprints of their choice. The players then take turns completing assignments. That includes things like put a hand on the red player’s butt, put your left foot on the banana, kiss the partner to the left of you, etc. If the wheel lands on “Fondle”, then that person has to remove an item of clothing.

The game comes with English game rules. All of the assignments on the wheel are in English, as well.

Hot 18+ game, Makes for hilarious moments, Perfect for groups of friends, For up to 4 players, Easy to use

Brand: Play Wiv Me

Material: Cardboard

Application: Yes

Suitable for: Unisex

Packing: Retail packaging (cardboard)

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Weight 430 g
Dimensions 430 mm