Hells Tether Ball Stretcher With Ankle Cuffs

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Kneel, totally surrender and wait for instructions with this intense Hells Tether Ball Stretcher. This ball stretcher is not for beginners and demands iron discipline! The metal ring goes around the scrotum and closes with a lock. The attached cuffs go around the ankles, which restricts free movement very much. This ball stretcher features a beautiful, tough design and comes with an Allen key. The cuffs provide plenty room for adjustment and feature firm clasps and removable locks.

Measurements: The ball stretcher has an inner diameter of 3.1 cm. It is 2.5 cm high and the metal is 1.2 cm thick. The ankle cuffs can be adjusted between 21.5 and 33 cm. The chain is 22.8 m long.

Tough design, Nickel-free, Includes Allen key, Adjustable ankle cuffs, 100% vegan material

Brand: Master Series

Material: polyurethane, Metal

Application: 5

Colour: Silver

Flexible: Yes

Suitable for: Men

Warranty: Yes

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Weight 653 g
Dimensions 653 mm