Deviate from the norm with a posture collar that is anything but average! The Heretics Fork keeps your sub’s chin high with a double-ended prong that digs into the tender flesh of their chest and neck if they do not keep the pressure off! Adjust and fasten the sleek and attractive leather collar around their throat and use the thumb-screw to alter the length of the fork. Force your lovers head back as far as you wish! The striking aesthetic of this unique posture collar will heighten arousal for both of you, creating a more intense scene!

Heretics fork, Sharp points, Adjustable fork, Adjustable collar, Forces the wearer’s chin up

Brand: Strict Leather

Material: Metal, leather

Application: Good Warranty Service

Total rating: 5

Colour: Black

Packing: Retail packaging (plastic)

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 140 mm