Lace Panties With Vibrating Bullet And Remote Control


These seductive panties from the brand X-Gen have a sexy secret: they are equipped with a wonderfully powerful bullet vibrator. These panties vibrates nicely and ensures that you enjoy discreet pleasure. The panties has a special compartment where you can put the bullet vibrator. The vibrator can be operated with a remote control which you can also give to your partner or friend. This works up to 6 meters away. This way you can enjoy exciting foreplay together during a dinner, in the cinema or simply while shopping! The bullet vibrator has a powerful motor and 10 different vibration settings. The vibrator is whisper quiet so no one hears what you are doing. Both the bullet vibrator and the remote control are rechargeable with the supplied USB cable.

Make sure you remove the bullet vibrator from the panties before you wash it. Also refer to our washing instructions.

Lace panties, Compact vibrator, Ergonomic design, 10 Vibration settings, Remote control included

Brand: Secrets Vibrating Panties

Material: Polyester, ABS, elastane, silicone

Application: No

Suitable for couples: Men + Woman

Colour: Purple

Total rating: 5

Warranty Type: Good Warranty Service

Additional information

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 7.50 × 280 mm

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