The name says it all! Pour the liquid of your choice down your slaves throat, forcing them to swallow every drop! This innovative and unusual gag adjusts around your submissive lovers head, tightening and even locking so that they cannot escape your twisted desires. The flexible funnel is held upright by a strap that snaps in place, but can be removed so you have more control. The funnel that emerges from the gag allows you to fill your plaything up with whatever you want! Take things up a notch with this sick and sadistic device!

Specially for urination lovers, Comes with a large funnel, Flexible duct, Open gag, Adjustable strap

Brand: Master Series

Material: PVC, Metal

Application: Good Warranty Service

Waterproof: Yes

Packing: Retail packaging (cardboard)

Warranty: Yes

Flexible: Yes

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 33,00 × 350 mm