Spiked Leather Confinement Jockstrap

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This leather chastity jockstrap is the perfect choice if you want your darkest fantasies to become reality. The black jockstrap has a tough look and is provided with dozens small and sharp spikes on the inside that pierce the skin on and around your penis and testicles. Experience the tingling feeling yourself or order you sub to wear the jockstrap. It has adjustable straps and a zipper that can be locked with a padlock. This makes it impossible to take off the jockstrap without a key,

Leather jockstrap, Small, sharp spikes on the inside, For experienced users, Adjustable straps, Zipper can be locked

Brand: Strict Leather

Material: Metal, leather

Application: Industrial packaging (plastic bag)


Suitable for: Men

Stimulation: Penis stimulation

Total rating: 5

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Weight 325 g
Dimensions 325 mm