The Oral Sex Game

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The Oral Sex Game is an exciting game for partner who want for more. The game consists of a board, dices, pawns, rules and tasks. How does it work? Both players start at the beginning. The first player throws both dices. One of the dices shows the number of steps, while the other dice indicates a task. This could be kissing, licking or sucking. After moving his or her pawn, the player ends up at a picture. This represents a body part. The player then completes the task. When you end up at a picture of a dice, you may throw the dice again.

Exciting game, Specially for oral sex, Easy to play, Fun for partners, Fun and challenging tasks

Brand: Kheper Games

Material: Cardboard

Application: 5

Warranty: Yes

Packing: Retail packaging (cardboard)

Suitable for couples: Men + Woman

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